We are ready to produce for you glazing with size up to 2700*4000 mm. You can select the required type of glazing, depending on their functional features:
— standard;
— energy saving;
— solar control;
— multifunctional;
— safety (with glass like «triplex»);
— structural (including protrusions);
— innovative glazing.
Capacities of the company «Glass-Tim» allow manufacturing glazing above types with size 2700*4000 mm up to 9500 sq.m. per month.





Standard glazing window is a translucent construction for building, which consists of two or three glasses fastened (glued) to each other along the contour using a spacer and sealant. Purpose of glass as a substitute for conventional glass — to increase the thermal resistance of the window, because the air is bad passes heat from the room.


n order to increase energy saving now increasingly use triple-pane windows with one or two pieces of glass, the surface of which is applied by magnetron method to energy saving sputtering — the so-called Low-E or I-glasses. Additionally, significantly improves the indicator of glass and construction in general the presence in glass chambers of inert gas argon, and the use of «warm» plastic spacers.



For protection against solar radiation that is usually during the summer in order to reduce energy consumption for air conditioning facilities in the standard composition of glazing makes changes in the form of additional gluing on the outside glass of special sun protection membrane, the use of tinted glass. These measures work, but it lead to a decreasing in transmittance of light (illumination) in a room. Therefore, we recommend the use of tempered glass with a special sun reflex coating, which is widely represented in the product line of all major manufacturers of glass.


Nowadays, the world’s leading glass manufacturers such as Guardian, AGC, Saint-Gobain, Pilkington, Euroglass developed and put into serial production line so-called multi-functional, highly selective and super selective glasses. A distinctive feature of such glass is sophisticated multilayer deposition based on silver oxide applied to the prepared float glass in special complex devices. The resulting glass is relatively expensive and difficult to process, and subsequent tempering, but has a number of undeniable advantages when used in glazing. In applying the glazing with multifunction glass simultaneously perform several functions — sun protection, energy saving, high light transmission (light).



In order to provide additional structure security in areas of potential danger of physical impacts in the composition of glazing used special laminated glass (triplex), which consists of two sheets of glass bonded together by a plastic membrane. This glass is very difficult to break and even after the physical impact it remains cracked as a part of the construction without compromising its integrity. Triplex used for glazing roofs, skylights, translucent inclined facade structures, large glazed shop windows, auto, glazing tall buildings in order to further the safety of people inside. Our equipment opportunities can manufacture triplex thickness from 6 mm (3.3.1) to 12 mm (6.6.2) with size up to 6000*3210 mm.


Structural glazing used for glazing facades of buildings as part of structural aluminum facade systems. In this case, fixing of glazing is invisible, through a special insert in the ends of glass that creates the appearance of solid glass building exterior. For secondary sealing of glass used a special two-component UV resistant silicone. Opportunities of our production and highly qualified specialists allows to make structural glazing for all existing structural facade systems of any complexity and geometric shapes, including projections, inserts, samples, etc. Also we can offer the manufacture of glazing for structural flaps with followed attaching them to the aluminum constructions. Because of the complexity and the great responsibility of these works all the company’s employees have been trained on the use of special materials for structural products.



To innovative products we include glazing with electric heating function base on energy-saving tempered glass with hard coated (k-glass) or based on electric heating triplex with k-glass, as well as the so-called «hard» glazing on the basis of two tempered glass, with followed pasting between glass panes chamber special pultruded profile. Such glazing is used in standless facade system. Learn more about innovative glazing here.

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