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Back in 2007, the Ukrainian economy was developing rapidly, giving impetus to the construction industry. And on the world stage, architects continued to generate more and more ideas using glass, and in most cases it became not just an insignificant element of the facade, but occupied a key place.


As you know, demand always gives rise to supply. Therefore, in 2008, in the very center of the country, a company was created, ready to implement the most daring decisions and renew the look of the existing architecture of Ukraine. For this, a project of a production facility was developed and built using advanced European equipment. The production capacities of the company made it possible to produce and provide building organizations with double-glazed windows of any complexity: with various types of spraying and glass thickness, large-format and structural.


Since its inception, the company has been continuously developing and has managed to gain a reputation and leadership in the façade glazing market. We regularly invest in new developments and production upgrades.


In 2015, Glassteam offered a new unique product – a heated glass unit, which is able not only to compensate for heat loss in rooms, but also to become an alternative to the traditional heating system.


In 2016, we presented another novelty on the Ukrainian market – 3-chamber double-glazed windows, which have the maximum possible coefficient of resistance to heat transfer.


In 2018, the company increased its production capacity by purchasing new glass processing equipment.


In 2020, a new lifting mechanism was installed to facilitate the work of our employees, and the water treatment system was modernized.



Certification of a quality assurance program "Quality Bond" from DOW Corning confirms the possibility of production of our company structure of glass using two-component sealant for secondary sealing, as well as the possibility of bonding insulating glass units into the fold in accordance with the international standards and requirements.

Certificate «Guardian Glass»

Together with the technical service of the company "Guardian Glass", the processing of such products as highly selective glasses SGSN 70/37 HT and SGSN 70/35 HT was mastered.

Declaration of performance EN 14449

CE Marking of Laminated safety glass- EN14449:2005+AC:2005 Declares under its responsibility the following features for CE marking of glass products for use in building and construction works, in accordance with EN 14449:2005 + AC:2005 Processed Float glass to Laminated safety glass (Float clear Float clear.x).

Declaration of performance EN 12150-2

CE marking Thermally toughened safety float glass - EN 12150-2 Declares under its responsibility the following features for CE marking of glass products for use in building and construction works, in accordance with EN 12150-2 Processed Float glass to Thermally toughened safety glass.


Glass Team double-glazing unit comply with national quality standarts.


A certificate for the mark for goods and services №215241


Company Glass Team is a Premium Partner GUARDIAN INDUSTRIES.


Employees of Glass Team have received practical training in the proper storing, preparation and application of the Sika-Products.


Dow Corning's certificate as a partner in structural glazing.

Heaters Electric glass

Specifications 27.5-39469879-001: 2016

Glass enameled thermally strengthened

Specifications 23.1-39469879-003:2016

Double-glazed windows for building structures

Specifications 23.1-39469879-002:2016




Corporation Guardian Industies - this is one of the world leaders in the production of float glass, coated glass, glass insulating materials and glass for the automotive industry. Representation of corporations operating on five continents, in 22 countries. In Europe, Guardian Industries represented by 10 plants for the production of float glass and coated glass.



AGC Glass - the world's largest producer of flat glass, with headquarters in Brussels (Belgium). More than 100 companies in Europe. In Russia there are two industrial complex AGC: LLC "AGC Flat Glass Klin" and JSC "AGC Bor Glassworks". The production capacity of the complex include 4 lines of float glass (including dyed), production of coated glass (energy efficient / sunscreen / multifunctional), production of construction triplex Stratobel / Stratophone, production of clean mirrors, decorative glass Matelux, Lacobel and Matelac production of automotive glass.



Saint-Gobain, the worldwide leader in sustainable habitat solutions, designs, manufactures and distributes building materials and high-performance materials, providing innovative solutions to the challenges of growth, energy efficiency and environmental protection.



One of the two largest producers in Europe, Sisecam Flat Glass offers a wide range of products in four core segments, including basic glass, automotive glass, energy saving glass and glass for household appliances.



Open Joint Stock Company "Gomelsteklo" was established in 1994 on the basis of the Gomel glass plant them. MV Lomonosov. The first sheet construction glass glassworks was made in November 1933 in the newly constructed plant, which has become the flagship of the glass industry of the country. The main and the main focus of the production is the production of high-quality float glass (float) large format. Colorless and transparent glass sheets is an essential component for building glass constructions, manufacture of coated glass, Low-E and solar control glass, and automotive safety glass, glass products for furniture, windows and many other types of special glass.



Pilkington, - one of the largest global suppliers of glass and glass products for the construction and automotive markets. Earned a high reputation for outstanding technological advances, including the invention of the float process, the Pilkington brand has become synonymous with excellence and innovation in the production of flat glass. Float process, invented by Sir Alastair Pilkington in 1952, is now the world's high-quality glass production standard. Pilkington was founded in 1826.



Sika - industry leader in concrete repair and protection: Sika provides systems to restore and rehabilitate concrete structures that have deteriorated due to corrosion, structural damage, water infiltration, freeze/thaw, seismic activity, reactive aggregates and others.



Dow Corning (dowcorning.com) offers high-performance solutions for the variety of tasks over 25 thousands of customers worldwide. As a global leader in silicones technology based on silicone compounds and innovations, the company offers more than 7,000 products and services under the corporate brand Dow Corning® and XIAMETER® (www.xiameter.com). Dow Corning - a venture with equal stakes company The Dow Chemical Company and Corning, Incorporated. More than half of the annual sales volume of Dow Corning performed outside the United States.



FENZI products provide not only a very high performance, but also the peace of mind that comes from total reliability, durability, ease of use and thoughtful service to the needs of glass processors. Sealants for several different applications, specifically designed to provide the insulating properties of the highest quality glass, ease of use and durability.



Company ALUPRO™ operates in the production and sale of aluminum profiles in the Ukrainian market since 2000. During this period, our company has established itself as a reliable and competent partner. Our company produces profile of alloy grade AD-31 and AD-0 that appropriate* to European analogues 6063 and 1050. Currently, at our disposal one of the largest libraries of pressing tools in Ukraine, which is more than 5000 items of products.

Technoform Glass Insulation GmbH


The company "Technoform Glass Insulation GmbH" with the main office in Kassel specializes in the development, manufacture and sale of spacers for insulating glass with multiple glasses. The company is a partner of architects, glass manufacturers of glass and coatings for glass, end-users and all those who attaches great value to save the heat and looking for new opportunities to improve the quality of insulation.

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