Our production has the equipment for horizontal bilateral edging of glass BAVELLONI (Italy), a multi-functional machining center DENVER (Italy), drilling machine BUSETTI (Italy), which allows the processing of figures of any complexity and geometry, as well as drilling (including countersinking) holes and cutouts. Cutting of float glass and laminated glass (triplex) "Jambo" - format produced on automatic cutting table GFPm (Italy).

Heat Soak Test

HST (artificial aging test on glass) is used for the detection and elimination of tempered glass with nickel sulfide inclusions which may cause self-destruction of the glass. After conducting this test, the customer eliminates the possibility of problems with tempered glass during the lifetime (more than 40 years). This test is performed using a special oven PUJOL (Spain).


Glass tempering UNIGLASS (Finland) allows tempering / thermal strengthening raw glass sizes from 200x300 mm to 2400x4200 mm and a thickness of 4-19 mm of any geometric shape with any type of spray. Capabilities allow tempering furnace to produce high quality hardened all existing types of glass, including and highly selective with minimal optical distortion and the minimum percentage of departure. for the production of laminated glass line LAMIFLEX (Ukraine) allows the laminate to window size of 2600x4400 mm, the total thickness of glass in laminated safety glass to 60 mm. Also we use the technology of horizontal vacuum triplexation with using EVA film.

Roller painting of glass - bending

Roller painting is used to uniformly and qualitatively color the glass with one color over the entire surface for architectural and interior glazing. The paint is applied with a rubber shaft over the entire surface of the glass. For prepress preparation, cutting, grinding / polishing, washing is necessary. Then a pattern is applied to the glass. After preliminary drying, the glass is heat treated in an oven, as a result of which the paint is baked into the glass surface and acquires resistance to mechanical influences.

Sandblasting of glass

Sandblasting of glass - damage to the glass surface by sand, sprayed with air. Sandblasting glass is excellent for use in the interior. It visually increases the area and divides the space in the room, and also makes it bright and bright. The sandblasting of glass creates a sense of freedom and open space. The sandblast on the glass is made with an abrasive-air mixture under enormous pressure, either a glass surface or a pattern is to be matted, and the relief is executed on a thick glass of at least 6 mm. On it, first cut out the deepest areas, which are treated with sandblast. After that they proceed to smaller areas, they are also cut out and processed.


Service of glass inserts includes works by inset of glass to aluminum frames of customer. For work is used a special vacuum rotary table and manual silicone extruder. Applied Materials are UV resistant 2-component silicones SICASIL SG-500 and DOW CORNING DC 993, if necessary, tape Norton. This service is certified. Repair of glass (replacement of glass, triplex and spacers) can be performed in any configuration on customer request.

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